Buckscapital, a UAE based crowdfunding network is promoted by a team of experts who made their presence successfully felt in the field of IT, investments and real estate and also are the eminent partners in the development of great projects in UAE. Now the team is up for another prospective and inspiring project Buckscapital – the largest online market in the investment field.

Location - Dubai

Industry - Technology

Work Type - Digital Creative Technology

Buckscapital is an online crowdfunding website based in Dubai UAE and UK. Grow Combine has offered them Brand Strategy Design and Advertising Solutions effectively with advanced technology.

Buckscapital has been successfully able to raise funds in Dubai, through its investors’ network with the help of our effective strategy, branding, technology and the digital and visual image we created towards the brand. The client needed a visual image which is vibrant and simple keeping it limited to the typography design. Grow Combine has developed their website and managed their Press releases and Social Media Marketing campaigns.

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