Buckscaptial is a leading crowdfunding website based in Middle East. They were one of the pioneer crowdfunding website in UAE. The management of the company has deep investor background through which they help their customers in raising capital for their projects. We helped them in bringing them to the top position in search rankings in Middle East and UAE through digital promotions, SEO, social media & search marketing.


Buckscaptial goals was to reach out to more investors and entrepreneurs.They were quite sure that a good search strategy would be the key to their success. For the same we analyzed their existing website and we found a few problems.

  • They had very less footfall on their website which was not enough to generate sign ups.
  • They didn't have any Search engine marketing strategy so they were missing out on long-tail search traffic and didnt have a proper site architechture.
  • They weren't ranking well for any target keywords.
  • Their website had too many scripts and duplicate content.


We started with PR strategy in order to drive more targeted search traffic and educate people about the website and crowdfunding. Our digital strategy combined of directory marketing, article submission, direct emails, product promotions in social platforms which gained more reach to the targetted audience of Buckscapital. Next we launched an optimized paid search campaign to drive immediate traffic and leads to the site aiming startups and budding entrepreneurs in UAE.

After the marketing campaigns began to take effect, we began working to re-engineering of the website, rewrite content and add more projects so their value proposition was more clear and the website started gaining more investors.


Buckscapital was generating an average of 3 sign-ups per month through the website before we started. After the digital marketing campaign began to take effect and prior to the website re-engineering that number had jumped to over 20 project sign ups per month.

After the re-engineering process and externalization of excess scripts improving the keyword to code ratio the leads jumped to an average of 35 plus registrations per month.



350 %



1100 %



220 %



  • 600K website visits per / year
  • 2-3 registrations per day
  • Increased Brand Awareness

“We being a targetted business, Grow Combine provided us with invaluable assistance in re-engineering our website and increasing awareness of crowdfunding across Middle east. They have succeeded in making more investor sign ups resulting in our business growth and profitablity”


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