Inlighten Global is a not-for- profit organisation, with ground-breaking techniques, experiential workshops and one-on-one coaching. To access your inner wisdom and break limiting beliefs. Holding no alliance to any single religion or belief system, our only mandate is to create great minds who lead with self-mastery and social responsibility.

Location - Canada

Industry - Non-Profit Organisation

Work Type - Digital Creative Technology

Inlighten global foundation is an NGO in Delhi which is deep rooted in spiritual ideas. Grow Combine offered Brand Strategy, Design, digital Services to INLIGHTEN by providing them a unique brand identity which helped them to be abreast of most of the Spiritual brands of the world.

From its brand identity to establishing the brand itself Grow Combine has partnered and is committed to the social responsibility to be the part of INLIGHTEN GLOBAL FOUNDATION by offering world class Design, Marketing & Advertising Solutions to support and enhance thus result in effective reach out to the brand INLIGHTEN. Grow Combine has offered Web Design, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Brand Design, Collateral Design, Brand Guidelines and much more services to INLIGHTEN.

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