Mobtecnica consultancy is a young and resonant organization focused on mobile technology and development of custom mobile applications. They have been in the industry for the past three years. We helped them to revamp their website and provide them an effective search and social media marketing strategy to make them the leaders in the market within a span of a year.


The management of mobtecncia had only one goal: to generate online leads for mobile application development. They wanted to start with a simple SEO strategy. We identitified that their existing website was not substaintial for generating leads due to the following issues.

  • The website didn’t have rich content and the content was duplicated in multiple pages.
  • The conversion rate optimization of the website was really poor and the keyword density was very low.
  • They weren't ranking well for any target keywords as well as in local maps.
  • Their website did not have the clear information and idea about their services.


The first purpose was to identify the 20+ competitors and develop a keyword strategy around search volume and level of competition. The grow combine team researched the relevant keywords which would generate quality and targetted leads to mobtencia in gaining the best ranking online in the search engines. We finally decided on the keywords and the marketing and the optimizations began to take effect, We began working to re-engineering of the website, rewrite content and add more services into the same.

The website was redesigned to deliver the most accurate and appropriate communication of the services and products to the end user reducing bounce rate and increase in the time spent on the website.


The website was officially launched in the middle of April 2015 with the entire SEO plan implemented to everypage on the website. The SEO portion has continued to make minor tweaks through the months based on keyword data trends, new keywords in the market, and the change in competitive landscape resulting in an average of 90+ leads every month from a initial of 2-3 leads per month.



1290 %



420 %



628 %



  • 72K website visits per / year
  • 3-4 lead enquiries per day
  • Increased Brand Visibility

“Since GROW COMBINE has built and launched our new website, our phone has not stopped ringing! The new website is ranking in the top 3 of Google for all our main keywords and is now an excellent source of new business for our company.”


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