Nexus event management is one of the best and first of it’s kind of wedding planner companies who have successfully completed over thousands of events across kerala. We helped them develop an online presense to generate more business through our effective digital marketing strategic plan which included brand identity redesign, website re-engineering, SEM and SEO techniques.


Nexus event management had a goal to enhance their brand presence online & thus generate more business. They believed that an effective website with rich informative content with a powerful SEO strategy would give them the needed results. Nexus event management had a few issues with their old site such as.

  • They were having a hard time keeping users on their site.
  • The first was that they did not have any keyword visibility for any terms that were non-branded.
  • The website did not have proper brand communications about their services.
  • Their website was not Mobile friendly and was not optimized for the leads.


We started by writing an initial report outlining changes that could be made to the site that would help it be found by search engines. We suggested keywords and phrases and choosed the best five initial keyword phrases that proved to be the strongest. Simple phrases such as ‘event management in kerala’ were chosen because they had the highest results in leads.; ranking highly for such popular phrases was our challenge.

We spent time redesigning and then speeding up the site up by installing caching software and other SEO plugins into the wordpress platform which was the core of their website redesign and reengineering.


We were able to generate an average of 40+ leads in the second month of our action which was 5 times than their current results. Once the digital strategy was fully on place the leads increased to 120 calls every month resulting in a total growth of 1200% which was exceptionally good.

We also helped Nexus to integrate the lead management system for their online business which also improved their ROI.

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


1500 %

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


330 %

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


240 %

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


  • 60K website visits per / year
  • 4-5 lead calls / emails per day
  • Increased Brand Visibility

“Grow combine has helped us in building a strong foundation for our business online. We have now partned with them for a long lasting growth and effective results. We believe they are the best digital marketing agency you can work with.”

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai

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