Poultryna is one of the renowned Broiler Feed Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of Poultry Feeds, operating from Kerala. We offer a wide range of Broiler Poultry Concentrate, Layer Poultry Concentrate, and Broiler Poultry Feeds. We keep quality aspect second to none and ensure to deliver the best feed for poultry at great price. These feeds are carefully processed using organic products (maize, soya doc, maize gluten, organic acid, organic trace minerals) without antibiotic.

Location - Cochin

Industry - Manufacturing

Work Type - Creative

Grow Combine offered Hospitality Brand Strategy, Design Services to Poultryna, A Poultry feed manufacturing company in Cochin by providing them a unique brand identity which helped them to be the best Poultry Feed Brand in Kerala.

Poultryna required a unique packaging Design that would stand abreast from all other poultry feed brands. We provided a sack packaging design which was minimal and used the most vibrant color of red to ensure that the brand visibility is high. Grow Combine also worked with them to design Billboard Designs, Brand Collaterals & other Brand promotions for Poultryna.

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