Sreenivasa Pearls & Gems is Hyderabad based jewellery group with more than 40 years experience in the same business and having wide network with five retail outlets across India. Sreenivasa Pearls wanted to improve website position on search engines and increase leads through digital marketing. Our services included identity redesign, website re-engineering and SEO Techniques.


When Sreenivasa Pearls hired us, they had two primary goals: The first was to rank for a specific set of very relevant keywords that had high search volume. The second was to increase organic traffic overall across their website and different product pages. We identified several problems from generating leads from ther existing website:

  • There was no unique content on their website.
  • The most important keywords relevant their business was missing in their website pages, and many of the important ones were not optimized correctly on page.
  • There was very less information about the products in the website.
  • The on-page optimization was very poor resulting in very less amount of leads.


We started with SEO campaign and spent a lot of time not only gathering important keywords, but also mapping them to pages that made the most sense to a user landing directly from an organic search. To succeed here we provided in-depth content plans. We started to add more products so their value proposition was more clear and information was easier to find and digest.

We made specific technical improvements to the Sreenivasa’s website and obtained links and exposure from relevant websites and partners to gain more traffic and quick results.


After our SEO strategy was deployed, Google organic search traffic had increased from 236 visits to 1247 Google organic search visits. We had achieved a 300% increase in Google organic search traffic within the first three months. We helped sreenivasa pearls achieve top three rankings for all major keywords in their locations through our organic SEO package resulting in generating customer leads and enquiries about their products and services

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


300 %

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


120 %

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


128 %

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai


  • 50K website visits per / year
  • 2-3 lead calls per day
  • Increased Brand Visibility

“They took us from nowhere to a place us on the top on the searches. We are found everywhere now, We are really pleased with the results offered! We have gained more clients and digital marketing is something I recommend for everyone now.”

Digital Marketing Case Study Dubai

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